Friday, February 7, 2014

A Wedding Post!

So, Since I have not really done a Wedding Post so I figured I would! 
I am going to give you a sneak peak at a few wedding things I am doing! 

This is my cake!

My cake will have Pink lace on it and I will be getting pink flowers as a bunch on top!
We are also having a grooms cake! Andrew loves outdoors and fishing so that will be the theme!

These are a few inspiration ideas for my decorations at the Reception!
I am going for a vintage feel with a tad of rustic and modern in it!

I want to use the book idea for this one! Maybe with a tall vase!

I am not doing table numbers but want to use some of my old bottles!

Doing this just making our own story line!

And doing this! Love this idea!

For the Sancuary at the Baptist Church we are getting married at ( Reception is in the Fellowship Hall so all very close! ) These are a few of my ideas!

I have the big flowers in pink and silver stems and real leaves for the bottom!

I also will be doing lights, and these in pink and white! There just plastic party table clothes! 

I also have a personalized Unity Candle and Memorial Candle! I'll show you those in another post!

Things are coming up quickly! On of my Bridesmaids from Texas is on here way up for the weekend today to help me with wedding stuff! We are getting all the flowers at Hobby Lobby tonight! WooHoo fun!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Engagement Pictures!

Happy Friday!

As promised I am working on blogging more!

I wanted to kick the weekend off with some smiles! So I figure I would do a post with some of our Engagement Pictures!
This is only a small amount of them but I did not want to overwhelm anyone!

Below are a few of my favorites!

This one, and the one above are my top favorite!

Things are getting busy here! I have 50 days left! Woohoo!

My last day of work here at the glass shop is February 28th! Crazy how time is flying by!

Keep your eyes out for my next post! I will be writing about how Andrew and I ment!


Monday, January 20, 2014

There is so much to tell!!!

Hey Blog World!
It has been WAY to long, and that is all on me! So, Let me catch you up with my life!

This is going to be mostly a catch up post! Than I have several other things I want to blog about to have more details to this post! So be ready for a girl who is gonna get back into blogging again!

Well...Last time I blogged here I was dating my Texas Boy Andrew....Well, I am no longer dating him...actually October 26th, 2013 Andrew asked me to marry him...and I said YES!
Since then it has been a crazy ride of wedding planning and so much more!
Andrew spent Thanksgiving up here in OK with me and my family! We had allot of fun and went out to Bricktown for my early birthday!
Than December 6th I turned 25! It was great! Went out that weekend with some dear friends and watched The Hunger Games and ate at IHop!
For Christmas I made the 7hr drive down to Lufkin, TX and spent it with Andrew and his family! It was so much fun! We registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond, spent time together, spent time with his family,and went on a double date with his sister Anna and her boyfriend James! 
I hated to come home, yet work and needing a paycheck to pay for the wedding called me!

We are getting married March 15th, 2014! Yes,,this year!! 54 days! :) I am so excited!

I went for my dress fitting Saturday! I cannot wait for March to get here! 
My last day of work here at the glass shop is Feb 28th! I love the people I would for and with and will miss them all allot!
I will be moving to Lufkin after the wedding! So excited to start our new life together!

Well...that is mostly a fast catch up for Y'all! I will have post coming soon on some changes I want to make here on the blog, engagment pictures, story of how we ment, the proposale, and wedding planning, as well as life! So get ready to read read read! I'll try and break them up for y'all!

Also go check out the post below! A review on a really cool Canvas! Love it!


Easy Canvas Prints Review!!

I am very very excited to bring Y'all my first review on this blog!! Its a good one too and will make great gift! Wedding season is almost here..what a great wedding gift!

I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to do a review for them. As much as I love pictures and I have always wanted a canvas print I jumped on this right away!

Here is what I orderd:

Y'all I love it!

Lets start with the ordering process!!

When I orderd mine I did it thru my phone! I was not sure how well that would work with there site but it really was easy!
Very simple steps to order, they ask you everything that you can think of to make your canvas suited to you! My canvas is a 8 X 10 and I picked the wrap around style so that my pictures went around my edges of the canvas!

The clip to hang it from the wall on the back is great! I love these kind!!

This canvas is very heavy and really feels like it will last me a life time!
The printing on the canvas is very hight quality! I was very much impressed with that! I so often see blurry canvas pictures and I was very happy to see mine was not that way! The colors printed so well!

Also...Check out there other cool sites: and  for other awsome custome print stuff!!

This review has taken me some time to get up on my blog! My life has been CRAZY! I'll be updating yall on that too! :)

I was given this to review but my opinion is still real and true!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busy, Busy , Busy!

Life has been so crazy busy blogging friends!

Between working 8:30 to 5:00, helping around the house, laundry, spending time with my little sister, walks with the puppy dogs, and long phone call's with Andrew, I fall into bed around 10:30 wooped!

Let me try and catch you up on my life here really fast!

Oklahoma has not decided yet if it wants to be cool or hot! It has been so back and forth! Last Saturday I was dressed in boots and all cause it was so cold!

 I got my skinny jeans this summer and wore them like I can finally wear them as skinny jeans! :) YA!

And Sunday was cold too and I got a new sweater from Gap and just had to wear it!

Y'all I NEVER where that color purple but I am in love with it know!!

Let's see..other weekend fun and news....
Well, the weekend before this past weekend a Texas boy came to visit me and my family!!

Yep..Andrew came up!
We spent Saturday at the OKC Zoo with his dad and step mom...

Than we spent the rest of Saturday, Sunday , and Monday morning playing games and talking with my family! 

I did not like to see him go but I will see him soon!

Well..Thats about my update! Keep your eyes open as I have a blog post to come this week yet on an amazing blog swap I was apart of and some amazing ladies who packed me an awesome box!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Inspire Others!

I know we should not live our lives just so that others will notice us...but what if, just a small what if, if every one of use would take the above picture and run with it? How crazy would that be?
I know here in the blog world, or in are reals lives, each of us come in contact with allot of people! According to my blog readings, my blog touches allot of lives, all around the world! Ok, maybe they all don't read that much, but who knows who read my (or your) blog! You may be touching THOUSANDS....You have no clue!
So, maybe your story is crazy hard, maybe you are battling health, a death, or something big like that! Or maybe your story is small, and you are just living your life, but lets think if this, maybe that big story, or just living that life, is enough to change just ONE persons that good enough for you?
I know of many very inspiring blog ladies out there, many who have touched my heart so much in my last 5 years of blogging, and some of them may never know that, but they did! Are you willing to touch someone's life?

..............          .................       ..................      ..................       ..................

In other news, I think its time for a light hearted post here on this old blog! This week I promise!! :)


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Happyness!

This Labor Day weekend myself and my family spent it in Lufkin Texas!!

Spent the weekend with this guy! (yes he did this picture below on his own!)

My family and I got to spend time with Andrew and his family! It was so nice to meet all of them!

We spent all day Saturday at his grandparents place ( he lives on the property) and ate lunch and played games! It was awsome to just get to know each other and just have fun! 

We went out a played Mini Golf on Saturday night with my parents, Andrew's Mom and Sister Anna, her boyfriend James and my sister Jerusha! We had allot of fun!
Sunday I went to his church! The people there are amazing! I got so many hugs and so many people excited to finally meet me! It was so neat to see just how much everyone there loves Andrew and really things he is a great guy! I allready knew this, but it was neat to see others confirm that! :)

After Church we had lunch with my family at Applebee's! We than went and spent time at his Grandparents again wile my parents took a nap! Around 6:30 we left and went out on a date! We ate at Olive Garden and than got dessert at Orangeleaf! I am addicted!! Andrew drove me around Lufkin and I got to see the more older side of town! The not so busting part! I loved it! Next time im down there thats the next date!

I hated leaving Monday morning...When Andrew shut the van door for me I started crying! I was happy to go home and work and stuff again..But when your leaving somoene special in Texas its hard! Anyone else relate?? 

Today, as I type this, I am living in the moment as I said in my last post! I am enjoying life, my boyfriend, my family, and the new people God has blessed me with in my life!


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